Richard Butler Creagh


Richard Butler Creagh

In 2013, Richard Butler Creagh founded Henley Finance. After a very triumphant career in property development, Richard understood the needs of fellow professionals and requirements in short-term bridging finance and formulated a way that they could be better met through Henley Finance. Richard started his career in the building industry where he ran his own company called the Butler-Creagh Refurbishments which was primarily based in north-west London. Butler-Creagh Refurbishments specialised in working for developers and refurbishing their properties to prepare them for the market.

Richard then started buying and renovating his own properties. He would use bridging loans to buy them, put them on long term finance and then let them. This is the way he built up an amazing portfolio of properties in and around Central London. He came to understand the bridging sector and long-term finance sector and realised a gap in the market for a bridging finance company that had their own in-house evaluation team - a company not reliant on outside valuers that will be able to assess the project in its entirety and taking all aspects of the development into consideration.

This approach also came to life when Richard attended the Risk Management Seminar at the Van Tharp Institute in the USA. The learning Richard experienced from this informs all decisions at Henley Finance, from the core factors of how investments are placed to making sure the borrowers have the best exit strategy. Having this intuition has led to the development of some of the company’s own lending products only possible because of the ‘boutique’ nature of the company.